Perfect Pembrokeshire 

My daughter got married in St Fagans castle in Cardiff the first week in May. We had a fantastic day, we both got spruced up so we didn’t look like “gypsies”. This is what our new son in law calls us since we moved full time into our moho! See you can be glamorous whilst full time motorhoming 😀

The following day we headed off to our pre booked campsite in Hasguard Cross on the Pembrokeshire Coast. Redlands Campsite were offering 7 nights for the price of 5, so we got a pitch with ehu and an awning for £112 😆.

There was only 5 people on the site so it was nice and peaceful. The site is basic with just a small shop, shower & toilet block and a utility room. The site owners have loads of rules and regulations, which some are understandable and some are just silly. There are signs up everywhere telling you to mop the shower after use, clean the toilet with the brush provided, don’t drive more than 5 miles an hour, don’t put more than one bag in the freezer they provide,  the list goes on. The site is in a lovely position for the Pembrokeshire Coast but the owners need to lighten up a bit. It’s like everything is too much trouble for them! Apparently they’ve tried selling the site, to no avail, so I think they’ve lost interest in it. 

Our first day we walked 40 mins down towards Little Haven and picked up the coastal path from there. It was a beautiful day and the views from the cliffs tops were stunning.

I have never seen this colour sea in the UK before, although I know some places have it. We are just starting to explore our own country as we have visited approximately 50 countries throughout the world and never travelled the UK.

The coastal path is very scenic with the flora and fauna. Bright yellow Gauze bushes, pink Clover, Bluebells and Daisies adorn the area in abundance.

Various birds and gulls fly high above and flutter from bushes to hedgerows in search of food. The Herring Gulls scavaging on the beach for any washed up molluscs they can pick at.

My knees have both been operated on as my cartilage had blown from doing high impact aerobics and I now have arthritis in both knees so walking up and down hills can be quite painful. I bought myself some Nordic walking poles and what a difference they’ve made. The first day we walked 8 miles, the second day we clocked up 14 Miles!  I didn’t need to take painkillers and didn’t suffer later. I’m very impressed with the poles. Kev said I should be good at walking as I’ve got “walkers legs”….big calves he means. “Reet chunky, and big cankles” he said in his Barnsley Bob accent. Cankles are when your calf joins your ankle and you can’t differentiate the two. He could charm the birds from trees my hubby 😂

As we’re walking along the coastline enjoying the heady sites he turns and says to me “Give me any identification you have on you and all your money”. Confused, I asked why. “Well” he said “I was thinking of dropping you off on Dartmouth Moor, driving off and leaving you, but these cliffs have given me the idea that I could push you off here and no one would know who you were IF they found you”. 😲 He just tried strangling me instead.

Some of the pathways are that tiny on here that you can’t get both feet on the path and it’s so close to the edge, with no barriers, it’s quite scary. He wouldn’t need to push hard to get me over the edge! lol

The path has 58 beaches on it. Some are reachable but some are at the bottom of the cliffs with no access unless by boat. Each are stunning in their own way. They are perfect unspoilt sandy havens. Which is probably why most of the places round here have Haven in their name! Little Haven, Broad Haven, Druidstone Haven, Norton Haven, Milford Haven.

This beach reminded us of Iceland. It was beautiful with all the rocks scattered across the sand and little pools of crystal clear sea water hydrating the seaweed and winkles clung to the sides of the stones.

We got talking to a few fellow walkers on our travels and one guy mentioned about the “car park brigade”. Basically the people who park up in the car park and walk about a mile from it then go back to the car. They miss the beautiful scenery along the tops.  We noticed a lot of people doing this. In Martins Haven a few simply missed this sight by a few hundred yards. 

They all got out of their cars,  walked down the hill to get the boat to Skomer to see the Puffins and never bothered looking along the top to see what was over the side of the cliff. It was weird walking along the tops with no one around to then descending onto a beach that was crowded with tourists, all waiting to board the boat to Skomer .

Before we set off to Pembrokeshire we bought a Thermos flask so we could make and eat healthy soups for lunch whilst on a pit stop on the coast. On day two I’d made a lovely vegetable soup that was thickened with pearl barley. We’d also taken a chopped apple and a sliced carrot as snacks. We need to lose weight! Haha. At 1pm, after hiking up and down the coastal path we sat down to eat our soup. We were starving! As Kev poured it I could see shards of glass in the cup. He’d only gone and broken the flask by dropping the bag it was held in. Chopped apple and carrot for lunch then! 😂 As we approached St Brides we were fantasicing about burgers, cream scones and anything else we were going to buy from the cafe in the town. We passed a woman sat outside a gorgeous white cottage and her dog came running over to us,  we stroked it and asked where the nearest cafe was. “There isn’t around here” she replied. We just looked at each other totally deflated. We were hungry and thirsty. We laughed and told her about our flask. “Come and sit down and I’ll make you a cuppa” she said. How nice was that? We weren’t going to refuse so we sat with her and her husband in this idyllic little spot chatting away. Turns out the husband used to be Chief Executive of Doncaster football club so him and Kev were happy to talk football. The cottage is on the right in the photo below. Can’t believe how friendly they were. We drank our coffee and headed on to Marloes.

More views of the scenery whilst walking.

One of the little coastal villages we stopped off in is called Dale. It is beautiful. Two rows of houses, a cafe, a pub and a convenience store is all that it has to offer but very scenic.

There is a little lay by just before you get into Dale where you can park,  free of charge. It looks out to sea and is less than and mile to walk into the village.

We parked up here one day. Kev went off to finish the 6 mile part of the coastline we’d missed while I cleaned “b” then sat outside in the sunshine. On his return I cooked us pasta for lunch whilst looking out at this 😍  It was a choice of either £6 each for a baked potato in the cafe or 45p each for cheese and broccoli pasta in our moho…obviously being Yorkshire the pasta won hands down 💷

 On one of our walks we passed the “Telly Tubby House” as it’s known locally. Basically it’s a house that’s been built into the countryside for an ex MP. I wonder if the local council would have let anyone build a house there, or did the MP get special privileges? To be fair you can hardly see it, and we wouldn’t have known it was there if we hadn’t been told about it. Can you see it?

As we were stood looking at it, a fellow walker stopped to talk to us. We swapped life stories (as you do) and he said his brother had just bought a motorhome. He’d wanted one for ages and was pleased with his purchase. He then found out he has cancer and a twisted spleen! The motorhome sits on his drive, without being used, whilst he’s in hospital. Buy that cake, go on that trip, do things today ….whilst you can. As on our homepage. “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”.

Anyway, I digress. After 4 days of walking the path,  the sun gave up on us. We were still lucky though as it didn’t rain, it just made our photos more moody. 

We walked from Druidstone Haven to Newgale, stopped in a cafe for a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, then headed off to reach Solva for 5pm. It was now 3pm and the last bus back to Hasguard Cross was 5.10pm. We’d been told the walk was only a couple of miles so had plenty of time. When we got to the path it said 5.5 miles! We decided to walk on a bit then double back. We hadn’t reckoned on the path being so high and windy. We hadn’t climbed as high so far. Lovely views but to say I was shattered was an understatement. Haha wish I hadn’t had the hot chocolate now 😂

Obviously when you climb up you have to eventually go down. Oh no, my poor knees. It was so steep and slippy.  My Nordic poles helped but I couldn’t keep going as we could see ahead that the path was like a rollercoaster. Kev went on ahead to see if there was a way down to the beach so we could cut the walk short and stroll back by the sea. 

Yep,  he found a path way to the beach so shouted to me to walk down. The stairs were quite deep so my knees were feeling the strain. Kev was shouting words of encouragement “Come on tubby, you can do it”. 😲

When I finally got to the bottom he actually put his arms around me and kissed me, saying “I know I joke but I am proud of what you’ve done and so should you be”. After checking his driving licence to confirm it was actually him saying this and not an imposter,  I smiled. I was proud of how far I’d walked over the last few days (62 miles). 

We headed back to our campsite. We’d bought an awning just before we set off.  We’d no idea what type we needed, so had gone to a reputable motorhome dealer that had an accessory shop. They measured for the height we needed, and left us to look around. We’d no intention of buying from them, they are way too expensive! I got straight onto ebay and ordered one that was £60 cheaper. 😀

Although we’d had no problems putting it up, apart from the flimsy pegs bending as we tried hammering them into the ground. We couldn’t put all the awning up.  The part with the double bedroom was left folded on the hard standing pitch. There was no way the pegs were going in the rocks. After consulting fellow motorhome owners on the  Motorhome and Campervans UK facebook page, we were told to get rock pegs to secure it. A quick trip to Aldi and we got 20 for £7.99. 😁  We found we didn’t use it much, and with rain forecast we took it back down again. There was no arguments or cursing, surprisingly. We’d survived erecting and dismantling an awning. Woo hoo. Maybe next time we’ll use it more. Haha 😂

We’ve got 2 weeks booked onto a site in July near the Lake District. It’s £20 a night with ehu (electric hook up – I hate it when people use acronyms and expect you to understand what they mean 🙁) or £15 without it. We have a huge 150w solar panel on the roof and a spare leisure battery so think we’re gonna try 2 weeks living off 12v. Hopefully it will be warm, we can sit outside and use the awning and will be having a barbecue most nights. If not we have 2 huge gas bottles to power the fridge and cooker and heat the water. 

For now we have had a week back at my daughter’s,  decorating her new house and now we’re off to house/pet sit for an ex colleague, then straight on to do the same for an old friend. To say we’re supposed to be living in the moho full time, we are flitting from house to house. The free service we are offering to our family and friends, to look after their pets in return for having a base and a little food,  has really taken off. Instead of paying for expensive site fees and them paying kennel fees during the school holidays,  we get to sit in someone’s garden to enjoy the sun (hopefully) and they get their house and pets looked after. It’s a win win situation saving both parties some money. 😊 Friend of friends are now asking us to sit so it’s taking us to different parts of the UK too. We are just nomads at the moment. Do we regret selling up and being nomads?  Not for one solitary moment. We love our new life and we are still young and fit enough to enjoy it. Why wait until you retire to find you’re too knackered, unfit, suffer from ill health etc. You only have so long on this earth….enjoy it.

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