A short trip around the East coast….and probably the scariest night of our life 

After our house sit had finished in Lincolnshire, looking after 2 adorable dogs, we headed up to Hornsea. I drove “b” for the first time on the way there. I only did 15 miles in the driving seat but enjoyed it. We pulled up for diesel and a lorry driver saw me getting out of the drivers door and had to do a double take. 😂.  Don’t think he expected a woman driving it!
We stayed on a campsite 8 miles out of Hornsea,  in a place called Skirlaugh (pronounced Skirla by the locals), that sited 8 caravans or motorhomes and charged the princely sum of £12 per night including electric hook up. Bargain. We were getting old hands at setting “b” up on arrival at camp. Kev hooked the electricity up and I filled the water tank. There was only 1 caravan on the site with us. It was very secure with a padlocked gate to get in and out. 

We had our bikes tied onto the back of the moho so planned on cycling into Hornsea the following day. We found the pathway  (Trans Pennine Trail coastal path) part of it called locally The Hornsea Rail Trail, as it was an old railway track. The pathway is 215 miles long and runs from Southport to Hornsea.   I haven’t cycled for years so we thought we’d walk it, as we didn’t know what the path was like. 

Once we’d set off I regretted not getting the bikes out. The path was flat and scenic.

Along the way you could see parts of the stations, that were now houses and also the platforms were still there. Kev decided to stand on one to see how long it took for a train to come along! Lol

What started off to be a nice scenic walk soon became a boring 8 mile hike!! We were shattered and couldn’t wait to get to Hornsea to have a sit down. 2.5 hours later we arrived and were starving. We were at the coast so decided to have fish and chips. When we got to the fish shop we changed our mind and fancied fish cake. The local eatery was advertising, fish cakes, fish patties, and a Yorkshire fish cake….we knew what a Yorkshire one was, being from Leeds (2 slices of potatoes with a piece of fish in the middle and dipped in batter). We settled for a pattie (mashed potato and mashed fish dipped in batter) with chips, peas and scraps (bits of batter for people not from Yorkshire haha) Kev got a breadcake with his. I bet some of you are wondering what the hell a breadcake is? 😂 depending on where you are from it is a bread roll, bap, barm. We call it a breadcake. 😉

So having reached Hornsea sea front I can honestly say that if you have a spare weekend and want to go somehwere nice. ….DON’T  come here! Haha. The seafront is shocking. It’s got 2 fish and chip shops and 2 amusement arcades, and that’s it! The beach is nothing to write home about either.

We headed off to explore Hornsea Mere. Well this certainly made up for the poor effort in attracting tourists to the seafront. It was a gorgeous lake surrounded by boats and wildlife.

There was no way we could walk back, my arthritic knees were killing me. We waited for the bus. In Leeds you can get a West Yorkshire day rider for not much more than £5.50. The East Yorkshire bus charged us £5.75 EACH to travel for 25 mins!!

We got back, tuned the tv in, and had a pre dinner drink….aren’t we posh? Kev had 2 bottles of beer and I had some gin left over from a previous trip. He drank all his beer and decided to “share” my gin with me! 😮 He leaned over and said “I was going to say look at your little rosy cheeks but they’re not little, anyway give me a kiss even though you look pregnant” OMG someone please remind me why I’m still with him and sharing such a confined space 😂

Our next point of call was Flamborough. We lived 70 miles from it but neither of us had ever been. Wow! Flamborough Head is breathtakingly beautiful. The sea and sky were blue, the white cliffs were gleaming from the rays of the sun. We parked up near the lighthouse and started to amble our way along the Flamborough Heritage Trail. The car park ticket machine wasn’t working so we got a day’s free parking 😁

The views from the cliffs tops were stunning and as we reached the bays you could hear the cry of Gulls, Guillemots, Puffins, Sky Larks all circling the air, diving for fish and coming back to feed their young. Below are the penguin like, Guillemots.

In one of the bays stands a huge rock that we could see a gull had made a nest on.

On close inspection we could see it was a tyre! A local lady told us it had been there for years and no one know how it got there.

After about an hour and a half we started to make our way back to the motorhome to have lunch. Seeing the coast line from the other side didn’t disappoint us. 

Kev made lunch whilst I looked out to sea and rested my legs.  He wanted to go look at the small beach we’d seen but I noticed it had steep steps so said I’d wait in the moho for him. He knew my knees were suffering from walking 14 Miles the previous day in Hornsea so he said “Don’t worry I’ll break you in slowly”. “You make me sound like a horse!” I said. “A beautiful stallion” he replied,  thinking he’d got himself out of hole. “You mean a mare?” I corrected. “Yes a bloody night mare!” He quipped.

After lunch we headed to other side of the lighthouse and was amazed to see seals swimming close to shore.”It’s gotten a bit colder” I said as I bent down to fasten my shoe laces. “You’ve got enough blubber on you to keep you warm” he said before coming over and grabbing my belly and saying “yeah that’ll keep you lovely and warm” 😲

The coastline here is gorgeous and if you’ve never been I can thoroughly  recommend it.It’s ideal for walking and there are a few bird watchers here. Apparently there were a few Puffins on the rocks but without binoculars it was hard to spot them.

We finished our day by going to see an old friend in Filey.  She was letting us park on her drive for a couple of nights. She offered to let us stay in her home but we love our little home on wheels so, after being kindly fed and watered, we took ourself back to “b” and crawled into the over cab bed. 

I always said I wouldn’t have one of those beds. I wanted an island bed, but I can honestly say it’s really comfortable and cosy. We love our new home. 🚙❤

The sun was shining the following day so we made our way down to Cobble Landing. Filey is only a small town but it’s great as it’s not too touristy.

The waves were rolling in fast against the walls then crashing as they made their way back out to sea and collided with the next oncoming wave. 

A lot of people retire to Filey but not quite sure why. The pathway down to the beach is quite steep, so getting back up can be a challenge on your legs and knees. Kev, being his usual helpful self, offered to carry my belly up the slope!  🙁

We returned home to prepare a meal for our friend, as a thank you for letting us stay on her drive. Kev tried putting the tv on. It couldn’t find any channels. “It would maybe help if you put the aerial into the tv” I reminded him. That didn’t work either! He then asked if he swapped the power cable from 240v to 12v if that would work??? Wtf? His brain wasn’t calculating that it was the aerial that didnt work and not the power supply. Duh!

After asking for help and advice on the Facebook group Motorhome technical advice, it seems there is no power going to the aerial box.  Great that’s a job we’ll have to sort out later. We can do without a tv until we get to my son in laws (he’s an electrician). We’ve had the motorhome a month and only slept in it for 2 weeks so we’re still learning, and probably will do for a while.

Our next port of call was Whitby. My son and daughter in law were taking our grandson Jack there for a week in a Haven cottage. It was surrounded by beauty.  You wouldn’t think it was a mile out of the centre.

It was quite windy and we had booked a pitch on a campsite on the cliff edge with a sea view. The reception staff gave us the opportunity to move but we declined. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” my mum’s mantra rang through our head. 

We parked up and our son took us into the centre for some fish and chips at Whitby’s famous shop, The Magpie. No idea how it became famous as the fish were nothing special but the view whilst eating them was lovely.

Not more than 5 minutes after I’d taken the above photo did the weather change. It was hail stoning, windy and cloudy. I hope “b” is ok up on the cliff edge 😐

We spent a lovely day walking around the old streets with its various shops. The weekend before was Goth Weekend and it can be hard to even walk in the streets as it gets so busy. They all seem to come dressed in black and visit the eerie Abbey on the hill. Luckily we’d missed it.

When we arrived back at our home for the night we found that, somehow,  the sunroof had blown open and was upright! Oh no. After all the rain and hailstones we were dreading the worst. We had been lucky that the sun roof hadn’t blown off as the wind was that strong. Thankfully the table was wet and the cushions were damp.  No real damage. Phew 😃

The tv aerial still wasn’t working so we settled down to watch a dvd. The van was rocking from side to side and we contemplated moving but by this time the Silverscreens were on the exterior of the windscreen and we were hooked up to the electricity.  It can’t get any worse surely…?

How wrong could we be. We sleep in the over cab bed and you could feel it worse than ever up there. At 4.20am “b” was rocking that much that I wanted to get out of bed and sit on the sofa. My thoughts were that if the van was going to be catapulted over the cliff I had more of a chance of getting out of it if I was sat in the habitation part. 😨 

The wind eased for about 10 mins and I nodded back off. “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. The kids had a copy of our will and if we died then we died together haha. Scary thoughts going through my mind in the night. 

The next morning the hailstones came down still and the wind carried on rocking us about. It didn’t seem as bad in daylight sat looking out over Saltwick Bay. The sun finally came out and we donned our winter jackets, hats and gloves and set off on the Cleveland Way into Whitby.

We climbed down the 199 steps into the town with blue skies above and a -2 windchill.

Whitby is quite scenic and well worth a visit. There is a quaint little seaside village called Staithes 8 miles up the coast which is very much like Cinque Terra in Italy and a lot less touristy than Whitby.

Whilst sat on the front we were both shat on by a passing Herring gull! 😲 Kev said “let’s put a lucky dip each on the lottery, it’s supposed to be good luck” as he’s sat cleaning the brown sludge off the back of his head. 😂

We found a shop and I got 2 lucky dips for Saturday.

Back to do the washing in the campsite launderette. Living full time in a moho, you need to be able to throw everything in together. You can’t wait to do white/coloured wash, everything goes on the same wash, so colour catchers are a god send! 

In the launderette we found a penny on the floor. “Pick it up” he says. “We’ll definitely win the lottery tonight. Have you got the ticket?”  I stare blankly…bugger I thought it was Thursday today and assumed we’d missed the Wednesday lottery. “I put it on for Saturday” I said…he walked out of the launderette in disgust! 😂😮

Washing done,  we went back and I cooked Thai chicken Massaman curry and rice for tea. Yum

Fortunately the wind had eased and we had a settled night in “b”. We stayed put on the cliff edge and enjoyed breakfast overlooking the bay before making our way back to Leeds. The next trip is to Wales for my daughter’s wedding. 👰

5 thoughts on “A short trip around the East coast….and probably the scariest night of our life 

  1. Hi Tina it’s Trev we just sold our cottage no32 on the top level looking down on the river & train line ‘ it’s a great place , glad your having fun , we going to Cadwell park this weekend in our camper 😃😃


  2. Hi Tina and Kev!
    Loved reading your blog. We did the same route you’re doing last summer … granted we didn’t have the horrendous weather with the hailstones. We did have high winds though … we were on a site near Hawes!
    Enjoy the rest of your travels … look forward to reading about your adventures.

    Take care 😊 Xx

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