New beginnings as full time motorhomers

So how do you go about moving from a huge detached house to a 5 berth motorhome? With great difficulty!
Our friend has let us use her address as a forwarding address. We’d gone through our bank statement and contacted everyone on it, updated our driving licenses etc. Everyone who needed to know we’d moved, knew.

We’d culled our wardrobes quite drastically then split it into two parts, half for now and the other half as back up for when we need “new” clothes. We thought we had done really well until it got to the stage of unpacking all our belongings! We had to have another cull. I’d sold all our furniture on ebay and facebook and bought all good quality melamine plates, bowls and cupa just trying to save on weight. I’d also purchased a nifty little gadget for the bathroom. It holds shampoo , conditioner and shower gel without having bottles rattling around.

Our first day living in “Barbara” (named after my late mum) was chaotic to say the least. We’d just got back from travelling around Europe for 5 weeks on the train then had to drive to our friends to collect our belongings that they’d stored for us.

We threw everything into the motorhome, parked up near my son’s house and started loading her up. We thought we had loads of storage but hadn’t realised how much stuff we had to store. Tempers between us were a bit fraught at times as we were tripping over each other and trying to find new homes for our kitchen gadgets and clothes.

Kev had a box marked “kitchen” then one marked “living room” which I thought was hilarious as we only had one space in our 6m motorcaravan!

We managed to get half of our things unpacked but we had friends and family that were desperate to see our new home on wheels, so we had to drive around showing her off. 34 miles done and a quarter of a tank of diesel used. πŸ˜• Some think we’re bonkers but the majority think it’s great. They all love “b” but couldn’t imagine living in her full time. I thought this 12 months ago. I loved our house and huge garden. We always had great family get togethers with music and dancing in the kitchen and bbq’s in the garden. We know too many people who have died young, got ill or retired and weren’t able to fulfill their lifelong dreams. Why wait until you retire, when your body has had enough and you aren’t as fit as you were 10 years ago? Life isn’t a rehearsal, you can’t come back and correct your mistakes or turn back the clock. Life is for living, take a chance. If it doesnt work out we’ll change our plans. For now we have a lot to look forward to and we’re still young enough and fit enough to enjoy it 😁

We spent our first night in “b” in a working mens club car park near our friend’s house. πŸ˜‚ It was closed for the night, we had permission to stay there and it didn’t cost us anything. Bonus!

The over cab bed was quite comfortable and with the thermal backed curtains closed, it was nice and toasty.

The following day was back to collecting the rest of our gear and heading to the retirement home, where my mum lived before she passed away in December last year. The owner said we could stay a couple if nights there to get ourselves sorted. The car park was off the street and we were surrounded by trees and bushes. It’s and lovely setting and it felt right bringing “b” to where mum lived, as she’s named after her. 😍

We took advantage of staying there and asked them to charge my phone, as well as using their washing line to dry the clothes we’d washed at the launderette. you have to be cheeky πŸ˜‚

They really are lovely here and have said we can go stay whenever we want. We plan to wild camp as much as possible, thus saving money so we can travel for longer. I think this will be one of the nicer places we’ll stay. I know some pubs offer you “free” overnight parking but if you’re having to eat or drink in them all the time it becomes very expensive. it’s ok if you’re off for a weekend jaunt but not when you’re living in it and want your money to last.

We’d bought new ornaments for our new life and I’d saved one of my teddy’s from my collection to live with us. Tennyson was loving his new home πŸ˜ƒ

The cushion was a reminder of our travels around Mexico last year when we decided to adopt this lifestyle.

Our first dinner cooked in the motorhome was a Bachelors pasta n sauce (smoky cheese and pancetta) with a Β£1 packet of meatballs and 3 mushrooms chopped up into it…a total cost of Β£2.30! πŸ˜† We’d lit candles to create heat and give off light, and had battery operated string lights. We sat and ate a romantic meal together …perfect.

We spent the second night in the residential home car park again and we woke up the following day listening to the birds tweeting.

The next morning we headed off to get Barbara weighed at our local scrap merchants. We were panicking in case we had overloaded her. Relief kicked in as we were 150kg underweight! πŸ˜€

We were heading down to the Brecon Beacons so we headed to Asda to get some supplies and then into Ikea to get a throw for the sofa and some cushion inserts for our travel cushions. Our new home was complete.

Travelling down we had a few friendly waves from other motorhomers, which was nice. We are now part of the Blue Hand Group … stop wherever.

We stopped in a lay by for lunch. There was a transport cafe there but who needs that when you are travelling in your home…..mug shots and a slice of bread to dip in for us. We know how to live the high life πŸ˜‚

We drove on the A roads and saw some spectacular scenery, it was an elated feeling to be finally living our dreams. Not many people will get to do that in their lifetime.

We arrived at the campground in Brecon and parked up. There was only one other motohome there. The scenery was stunning, set at the foot of the Beacons with a stream gently flowing at the side of us and sheep in the field above.

Thus was the first time we’d used EHU (electric hook up). We assumed you could just plug in and go. Nope! We hooked up and I turned the fridge dial to electric….nothing happened. We had to ask our neighbour to have a look. Seems we hadn’t put the plug in correctly into the moho. Doh! All fired up and ready to go we sat in, had a coffee and admired our new garden.

Someone else will be cutting our grass from now on and it will be like having landscape gardeners in everyday. haha.

My daughter arrived to a spend mothers day weekend with us. She’d never seen Barbara before but she liked her although she thought it was a bit small to live in. We’d only ever spent 12 days in a motorhome but knew even before that, that we’d love the nomadic life.

I’d brought her favourite food to cook so we had Moroccan chicken with cous cous for tea then settled down to watch some tv. The aerial wouldn’t pick up a signal so we did the old fashioned thing ….sat and chatted.

Steph was sleeping on the dinette, made up into a small double bed. We on the other hand were in the “first class” compartment in the over cab bed. We closed the curtains to the cab, to shut out the rif raf in second class and wished her goodnight. 😁

The following morning we were up, beds made and a full cooked breakfast. I couldn’t get the electric stove to work, although I’d used it the previous night. What to do? Go onto the friendly motorhome site on facebook (Motorhome and Campervans UK ) and ask the members for help! within 10 mins it was sorted! I hadn’t had the lid on the cooker fully opened and it had a cut it switch. I’d also caught the plug underneath the cooker with some pans.I didn’t even know the plug was there! Good old facebook.

We decided to explore the local area and headed for Llwyn-Onn Reservoir. What a scenic little spot. Surrounded by trees with blue skies that were reflecting in the water we decided to stop and take in the views.

As we walked around it we spotted a picnic area that looked promising as a wild camping spot. That will do for when we leave the campsite on Sunday! We plan to wild camp for 5 days out of 7, hopefully, then find a cheap stop over somewhere to recharge electric things.

We had a walk around the quaint little town of Brecon and called in at a few charity shops to purchase DVD’s so we could watch a film. We’d just got back from Poland the previous week, and we loved the history of it during the war so when we spotted The Pianist dvd we knew we had our entertainment for the evening.

After a hearty dinner of sausage, mash and veg and a thoroughly enjoyable film we gazed out to the skies of the Beacons as they’re known for excellent stargazing. We weren’t disappointed, there were hundreds of them twinkling away. A perfect end to the evening before we headed “upstairs” for bed. πŸ˜‚ Steph had been cold the previous night in the second class compartment so we left the electric heating on low overnight. By 1am we were stifling. Heating off and an extra cover for the rif raf in 2nd class.

Mothers day started off well. Blue skies with promises of highs of 19 degrees. We drove, in Steph’s car, to Waterfall Country. As it was mothers day we planned to paddle in the icy waters in memory of my mum. She loved nothing more than walking barefoot in the rain, streams etc.

We chose our spot near Horseshoe Falls, took off our boots and socks and braved the Baltic Beacon waters. Brrrr 😨

I hope mum appreciated it as our feet were numb and pink. haha.

We carried on to the last waterfall before making our way back to the beer garden for an icy drink whilst sat in the beer garden with the sun baking down on us.

We thought we’d try our luck for a Sunday lunch in the pub buy with it being mothers day it was heaving! Plan B……. Head to Lidl get a disposable bbq and some meat and salad.

I couldn’t have had a more perfect day. Sat outside our dream home with a bbq sizzling away, the sun on our faces and spending it with my daughter 😍. She had gone from liking Barbara to loving her, and said she could get used to this lifestyle herself 😊

The weekend ended too quickly and Steph had to head back to Cardiff. We packed and headed to our little wild camping spot by the reservoir.

When we got to the picnic area there was already a car parked there with its inside lights on, but hopefully once it dropped dark they would move on. During the next 1.5 hours there were numerous cars pulling in, seeing us and driving off. I think we’d interrupted a dogging site! haha. We didn’t notice the screwed up tissues on the gravel until the following morning! 😲 πŸ˜‚

The view from our little spot was great the following morning. Sat eating a full English breakfast looking out to this.

We had to start making our way back to Leeds as we fly to Germany on the 30th March so we headed North, stopping off at Llandidrod Wells and Builth Wells for a walk around the towns. We checked the Brit Stops book and found a car park in Welshpool where we could stay overnight for Β£6.30. We set up camp, trying to use the levelling ramps to balance us. Oh that was fun.. not! We’re total newbies at this life so it was hard for Kev trying to drive on them without flying off the end! πŸ˜‚

We were up early and drove to a lay by to cook breakfast as we had to pay for parking again after 8am haha.

Our first week as full timers has been brilliant. No regrets. Now back to Leeds to prepare for our German football trip.

6 thoughts on “New beginnings as full time motorhomers

  1. Brilliant stuff, great blog post. You and we are pretty much starting our full time lives at the same time, we started just a couple of weeks ago. Looks like you’re having as much fun as we are πŸ˜€

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  2. This brings back many memories especially the stove lid I did exactly the same.We also laughed at Kev putting van on levelling chocks we had many x word ah ah.You will soon be experts and love every moment.Enjoy Germany bet you won’t be able to get back o Barbara quick enough.Carry on with the blogs. Take care n look after each other.Chris n Rogxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent Stuff Guys!! You wont regret it. We are in our 7th week of doing the same thing. Some Great sights and experiences behold you. Check us out on Facebook/ Instagram & Website too. Dont mind sharing our new found Wild Camp spots in Scotland if your heading North, Likewise we ll keep an eye on your Travels. Message whenever, Its good to have Mutual Friends on the Road.

    Liked by 1 person

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