Wroclaw & Poznan, Poland 

We were staying on another airbnb in Wroclaw. We arrived at the apartment block,  which looked like something from the war,  and realised  that ours was 5 flights up with no lift. I really hoped that it was going to be worth the climb. The photos of the place on airbnb website were quite dark. I knew it was dated but it had really good reviews. OMG! It was awful. Half decorated, bare plaster, dirty walls. We have stayed in better hostels in Vietnam than this!

It was only 2 nights so we decided to stay, the place was clean just very old and rundown. 

We went for a drink in a Czech Pub that was opposite our apartment.  It was down some stairs and into a very dark, bar. There was one person in but they had good music playing so decided to stay for a couple of beers. We ordered a pint of local beer and I got a local cherry flavoured beer. £2.70 for both! A friend of ours was in Dubai and he messaged us to say he’d paid £19 for 2 pints! 😮  

The bar soon filled up but mostly with local girls. They were buying pints of beer and drinking them through straws. Cheaper than cocktails….classy 😂

The following day we headed off to see what Wroclaw had to offer. It had the obligatory Old Town with its coloured houses…there seems to be a theme to each of the Polish towns…as they say in Thailand “same, same but different”.

I was getting a bit fed up of seeing the homogenous buildings everywhere. Luckily Wroclaw had more to offer. All around the town are miniature brass dwarfs. They are everywhere! You can do a guided walk to discover them all. Some of the local businesses have them outside. The one below was outside a recruitment agency. He’s holding his CV.

The one below was outside the university which is in the Old Town.

We took a walk along the riverside admiring the terracotta buildings.The sun was shining and we decided to splash out and spend £4 on a 50 minute boat cruise 😉

I was telling Kev that my friend had taken her son on a Gruffalo hunt and that I thought our grandson, Jack, would enjoy it. Off he goes again…in a loud high pitched squeaky voice singing “We’re going on a gruffalo hunt, gruffalo hunt. We’re going on a gruffalo hunt”. He didn’t care that people were passing and looking strangely at him as he’s scowling whilst “singing”. He’s deranged, he really is.

My Polish friend recommended a restaurant for us to try. She knows we like local and cheap. It didn’t disappoint. I got a massive crusty cob filled with Goulash (which I couldn’t eat all of it), Kev got stuffed cabbage rolls and potatoes. Delicious, cheap and very filling.

We needed to walk this off so headed for another part of town. The buildings were lovely and there were photos up of the damage that the war had caused to the town. Poland really suffered in the 2nd world war.

This is after the street and church were restored 

We didn’t want to go back to our grubby apartment too early so popped into McDonald’s for a coffee. We also wanted a chance to get photos of the square at night.

Trying to get out of McDonald’s was another matter! The square outside as packed and people were stood right up to the door so we had to force our way out. It was International Women’s Day and there were protests going on about abortion and women’s rights.

We only have one and a half days in each Polish town we are visiting and so far it has been enough. The old town’s are all much the same.

Poznan seemed a lot busier than other places when we arrived, and re temperature seems to drop the further North we are going. It was a cool 7 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 4 degrees. 😨

This apartment was lovely and a lot more modern.

The Polish tend to have single duvets on double beds which is brilliant! I don’t have to fight with Kev over the covers and I can have a thinner one to cope with the night flushes! We’re gonna adopt this idea when we get home.

Time to dump the bags and head into another Old Town. 🤔

Once again lovely coloured buildings around the square but Poznan also has a good shopping centre and newer part of town.

The Stary Browar shopping centre below.  very grand with lots of nice shops 

We stopped and had a hot chocolate in E Weddell (Polish chocolate to die for) in the square and was just in time to watch the goats butting heads in the square. 😂 It was hilarious. A load of people had come to see it  (it happens every day at 12) and there was a police presence….all to see 2 wooden goats on top of a church, and a guy playing a trumpet 

We had lunch on the square, which we wouldn’t normally do as it’s too touristy but the prices were good and polish people were going in..always a good sign if locals eat there. We weren’t disappointed the food was lovely but the decor was even better. It was all travel themed with old suitcases, maps on the ceiling and around the bar and a compass on the table. 

We’d taken the tram into town. We were playing Bonnie and Clyde again haha.  We couldn’t find a ticket machine so got on without paying! We kept looking out for the inspector so got off  a stop earlier in case we got caught. 😉 They are quite keen here. We saw a girl get a ticket/fine from a policemen for crossing at the zebra crossing when the red man was showing!! We’d been told not to Jay walk but didn’t take it seriously. Even if the street is empty you must not cross unless the green man shows. 

We walked back from town. It takes about 45 mins but my knees and legs were killing me. Kev was his normal sympathetic self. “Come on old lass, you’re getting old now and all that weight won’t help your knees you big fat mare” 😔

We passed a gorgeous college, steeped in history and at the side of the Enigma museum. This was where 3 university students found a code to crack the encrypted messages the Germans were sending during the war.

The Polish cities are blending. I’m not interested in taking photos now as nothing is inspiring me.  Time to move on to Torun then Gdansk.

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