A 6.5 hour bus journey through Estonia and Latvia  took us into Vilnius in Lithuania.  The total price for this was €22 each. We had reclining seats, waitress service, free wifi and a multitude of various films to watch.

We got a taxi to our apartment as we’d no idea how to get there. We drove down a street of lovely apartment blocks and pulled up outside this…..😮

Hmm not the nicest looking building in the street. We paid the €2.10 taxi fare (wow so cheap) and entered the building.

 The plaster was coming off the walls and the building needed a lot of repairs. Thankfully our little apartment was great. We had a bed, sofa, desk, kitchen with washing machine and a lovely bathroom all for £18 a night. 😀

We dumped our bags and set off to explore the old town. We had dinner in a local pub, checked out the local shops then walked 45 mins back to our digs. So far Vilnius  looks good.

 Kev has various nicknames for himself, depending on where we are and what we/he is doing.  He’s very thoughtful and always holds the door open for me and let’s me go through first, he helps me up and down steep steps (arthritis in my knees) and will always carry things for me.  In these instances he calls himself “caring Kev”. When we were Latvia he learned how to say “thank you” in their language so all I got was “they don’t call me Latvian Kev for nothing”.  Today he learnt how to say thank you in Lithuanian so today he was called….yep  you guessed  it “Lithuanian Kev”. 

On the second day we decided to explore the old town in more detail. Vilnius is probably the cheapest place we’ve been to on this trip. We went for a traditional Lithuanian meal and for a 2 course meal with drinks it cost £13….and that was in a tourist restaurant! 

We tried some of the street food, it was buckwheat with meat and onions, served from an old army vehicle. Not the type of street food we’re used to! 

We can’t drink then tap water here as it has a small  amount of E coli in. If you’re here for a while you get used to it after a few weeks of diahorrea that is! Bottled water it is then.

The streets have lovely buildings in them and are surrounded by more ornate looking ones with beautiful  statues and carvings in them.

Day 2 and we took the local bus to a place called Trakai. It has a beautiful restored castle. It’s the only castle in Eastern  Europe that’s on an island.

Today it was -5 degrees and the ice  was about 12 inch thick so people were walking on it, and the locals had made a “roundabout” so the kids could play. Some men had taken to sitting in the middle and drilling the ice so they could fish on it.

I’m not really a fan of water and the thought of walking on it really didn’t apeal to me. Kev said “what’s your mum’s mantra? Feel the fear and do it anyway” I put my ice grips on my shoes and set off on the ice! I don’t know who was more surprised ..Kev or me!

The small town of Trakai was like a 1980’s American town with houses made of wood. A huge contrast from the big city of Vilnius and only a 20 min bus ride away.

Most of the houses were quite run down but it had a sense of community about the place 

There were small coffee shops that sold cakes and desserts, which seem to be all over Lithuania. Their idea of a night out is to have cake and coffee, or the local delicacy is like a cornish pasty. Both me and Kev have taken a liking to these. 

As we walked through the village streets there were straw dolls dotted around the place. Kev decided it was some kind of voodoo ceremony and the locals were expecting us and were going to tie us up and offer us as a sacrifice, whilst stuffing cornish pasties in our mouth! 😂

Apparently the one below looks like me…according to my beloved. He shouts across the street to it “Hey Tina I’m over here”

On the way back to the bus station it started to snow. We grabbed a sandwich from the supermarket and sat on an upturned boat eating our lunch with the cold wind blowing around us.

We headed back to the bus and walked to our apartment. We had walked 12 miles today…a beer and a home cooked dinner was in order whilst chilling watching TV.

 The next day we went to visit the 2nd largest city in Lithuania…Kanaus. (pronounced Cow nas,  which is strange as to how it’s spelt) it wasn’t much to write home about, but the old town was quite nice.  It has the obligatory town square with a church in the middle and some nice shops.

It also had a park with some exercise machines on.  Kev decided to have a go whilst singing stupid made up songs. I don’t think men grow up…they just get older! lol

Kev is an avid football fan, especially European games. He  collects football pin badges. On the way back to the train station he spotted a football shop and called in to get a pin badge. I told him he shouldn’t get one seeing as we are going to be living in a motorhome from next month and he wouldn’t have anywhere to show them off. He said he’d bought a cushion to pin them on. When I asked what the cushion looked like he couldn’t answer me! haha caught him out. “Why do you do it” I said “You’re always telling lies to me” quick as a flash he said “I love you” cracked out laughing and did his “Spit the Dog” impression! (Pretending to spit on the floor )

We walked off to the bus station and I and asked him if he wanted to call and get some sausages for breakfast at the supermarket. “We can’t be spending money all the time” he said jokingly. “Well at least we can eat them…we can’t eat your football badge” I replied. “You will be eating it if you don’t  shut up” he quipped. If you knew us you’d know we banter…it’s all said in jest. Not many wives would take from their husbands what he says to me, with a pinch of salt, and be able to laugh it off.

We did call in at the supermarket…but not for sausages haha. Just milk and bread.  On the way out we saw a dog tied up to the post waiting for its owner to come out. “What a cute dog” Kev said. “Oh it’s a Bijon Frise, they’re very intelligent dogs” I informed him. “Really?” he said, and then turned to the dog and said “What’s 2 x 2?” 😂😂😂😂

Had a fun 5 nights in Vilnius. Tomorrow we fly to Vienna in Austria 

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  1. Hurray I read it 😊 Interesting read & fab pictures, looks lovely but soo cold, proud of you walking on the water & loving Kev’s ever lasting banter with you!! Where was the Voodoo doll of Kev?

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