Three days in Tallinn 

We took the bus from Riga in Latvia to Estonia. 4 hours later we pulled into Tallinn bus station.  On first arrival it is non descript. Just another city with its designer shops, shopping malls and burger places. The ground was covered in snow and it was trying ever so gently to snow again. 

We jumped on the tram to head into town but didn’t know where to buy a ticket so we just played dumb and got a free ride to our stop. 😀

We are staying at an airbnb and have a whole apartment to ourselves for €20 a night. Peter, whose apartment we are  renting,  seems ok. Kev wasn’t  keen. He wouldnt look at Kev at all. He just kept looking at me. Haha. Kev asked him questions and Peter looked and replied to me. Kev picked up his bag and said “I might as well not be here” and took himself off into our bedroom! 😂

We dumped our bags and headed towards the old town. After walking for approx 10 mins we were taken aback by its beauty. There are so many cobbled streets to wander down and the buildings are fascinating. All different colours and shapes.  I can tell we are going to love exploring this place by day AND night 

The first  night we went back early as we were tired. We sat in watching the snow come down and Kev planned our next part of  the journey.   We might be heading into Vienna for a few days but who knows. 

We’d called at the supermarket to get food in so we could cook our dinner on an evening. The apartment had porridge and milk there so we were set up for breakfast…. happy days.  The following morning Kev got up and went to make the porridge. hmm seems the carton in the fridge was cranberry juice not milk !  yuk. 

We headed out in search of a local cafe to get some brekkie. we settled for somewhere near the harbour that were offering ham,  cheese and tomato toasties for €3.80. I order a bottle of coke and Kev got a cappuccino (cup of froth!). The sandwich was so tiny and nothing go what it looked like in the photos but it was tasty. We’d been hit by the tourist prices big time though! I only drunk half of my coke and Kev had finished his coffee. he went to pour me some more coke in my glass “I don’t want anymore yet, I’m saving it” I said.  with a cheeky grin and a wink he said “it’s for me”. it’s always the same he gets  a coffee and drinks it all, I get coke or water and we share mine! I had a look in his cup to see if I could share his coffee….”hmm same thing again, we always share mine” I said. He dipped his spoon into his cup and flicked froth at me over the table!  haha. It went in my face and my top. I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s a prat!

We walked along the harbour front. It’s weird,  I’ve never seen the sea frozen over before…this boat was going nowhere! 

After watching the seagulls and ducks walking in the frozen sea front a while we headed back inland to the old city. the walls themselves are lovely. Houses and shops have been incorporated into them and fit seamlessly.

Kev wanted to walk along the top of the wall so we could look down over the city. it was only €3 each and the sign promised us stunning views of  the red rooftops. I’m not really into paying for things like that but I was thinking of the photos I could get from the top  of the wall. We paid our money and climbed the circular  staircase to the top.  Well I’m not sure when the was the last time the person who wrote the sign actually went up the stairs but the views were far from “stunning”. One side was ok but the other side. ……well make your own mind up..see below 

Stunning views of the roof tops? ?? I don’t think so. There was a comments book on the way out…I just wrote “total waste of money” 😂

You can walk around the inner streets of the old city for days,  discovering different things every day. It really is a lovely place. To say it’s touristy with the restaurants and shops,  it’s still cheap compared to the UK.  You would struggle to find a typical Estonian restaurant though.

After two nights here I wondered what we’d be able to do to pass the following day on,  we headed to the beach! Well I have never seen a beach covered in snow and the sea iced over. It was beautiful

The shoreline was covered with ducks and a few swans that kept going into the sea and “fishing”. that’s another first…never seen swans in the sea!

We walked along the sea front for about 4 miles. It was bracing but the sun was out and it was another tick off the bucket list… walk in a snow covered beach. 

Even the local pets are dressed for the weather

The locals were making the most of the snow and were skiing on the surface of the frozen sea, some just casually walked and chatted on it. Kev wanted me to go on it “feel the fear and do it anyway” he said (my late mum’s mantra) pfft! I don’t think so

My knees were killing me so we got the bus back to the old town to see the upper part of Tallin that has a more Russian influence. I stopped off to get my friend a scarf and Kev waited outside the shop (pood in Estonian). Today was valentines day. We don’t normally get each it her anything for Valentine’s so imagine my surprise and delight when i came out of the shop and Kev is sat there with his arm stretched out towards me holding a single red rose! 😍 “aw thanks, that’s lovely, where did you get that from?” I asked.  “I found it on the bench” he said as he handed me it….great! who said romance is dead

The stem was broken and the rose was dying. I can’t even say “at least the thought was there”, cos it clearly wasn’t haha. he kissed me and told me he loved me anyway ❤

We walked to the top of the hill and looked out over Tallinn. What a beautiful sight, much better than the one we paid for!

We visited the Russian orthodox church and headed back down to make our way back to the apartment. We’d been out 8 hours and was shattered. The sun was going down and the sky has shades of blues and pinks which glistened on the church spires. We spotted an artist capturing the beauty on his canvas.

It’s our last night in Tallinn and we’ve both really enjoyed it and would totally recommend it for a 3 day visit. Tomorrow we get a bus to Parnu (beach destination…brrr) before heading on to Vilnius in Lithuania.

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