Beautiful Boston 

What a palaver getting to our “Cape Cod style house” in Quincy. We decided to take the T (subway). So after 3 changes we got on what we thought was the right one but it only went part of the way so we had to get a shuttle bus! Our airbnb host, Emily, came to pick us up at the subway station in her car. After gingerly sitting on the car seat that was covered in dog hairs and trying to arrange my feet so I didn’t stand on any of the 3 coffee cups that was in the foot well, I was dreading getting to our home for the next 3 nights.

As we pulled up outside the house 3 dogs came charging to the door barking and jumping up. Great 😀, they were really friendly. Once inside Kev looked at me and raised his eyebrows. It stunk of dogs! We ordered pizza, which Emily decided she would share with us as she couldn’t eat a full one. I asked if I could wash my hands as I’d been stroking the dog. “Of course, use the kitchen, there’s hand soap in there” Emily replied….OMG the kitchen was so cluttered with dishes, papers, mail, magazines and general crap. The sink had dirty dishes in it and vegetable peelings that she hadn’t put down the waste disposal. I think she heard me say “oh”. She came over and apologised and put the veg down the hole. Didn’t apologise for the mess though

Thankfully our bedroom was clean and tidy. We just wouldn’t be eating or drinking anything in this place! 😦

The following morning, after a good nights sleep, we headed into Downtown Boston. We had breakfast on the hoof and went to explore and recapture memories from when we were here 11 years ago with Steph. Quincy Market is beautiful. It’s full of tourists wondering around the shops with a large building housing different fast food eateries. You can sample the local Clam Chowder served in a huge bread bowl, that had the soft loaf taken out or try Indian,  Chinese, Turkish etc. 

We went off for a wander around Chinatown. We knew we there straight away as you could hear the men and women spitting in the street behind you. We heard this all the time when we were in China. As we were walking along a guy just came out of a side street and spat in front of us! Our motto is “don’t be a gringo, be a local” so, simultaneously without saying a word to each other, we spat right back, howled with laughter and walked on. “When in Rome” 

The Chinese are so supple. I love how if they have nowhere to sit, they just sit on their ankles….as this guy did whilst texting in the middle of the street. This is how they sit on their toilets too, as they only have a hole in the floor with 2 places either side to put your feet…. tricky to squat on a moving train, been there, bought the T shirt! Haha too much information I know 😂

Boston is steeped in history from when it was ruled by the British and the residents were classed as British rather than American. The local visitor’s centre was offering a free 1 hour guided history tour around the city, so being from Yorkshire we went along. Anything cheap or free is good, especially when you are travelling for a while  (rather than being on holiday)  The city is full of old fashioned gas style street lights and quaint houses/buildings. It’s very picturesque and definitely a place to visit if you’re planning a trip to New York. It’s only a train ride away 😀

We grabbed a sandwich and sat by the marina watching the boats bobbling up down on the deep blue ocean, making the most of the sushine and the heat (we knew what Iceland was going to be like!). It’s a good place to people watch as there are so many different nationalities doing the exact same as us. I donned my mirrored sunglasses (so no one can see me looking) and listened in as various people came and went around the harbour area. I felt like Forest Gump on his little bench. It’s great that me and Kev can sit together like this without any awkwardness of silence. Just happy in each others company, still after 31 years.

We try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day whilst travelling, so after sitting for an hour we wandered off again to get some exercise and to find the Cheers Bar. This was where an American comedy was set in the 1980’s featuring Ted Danson. It’s still open and looks exactly the same but is a major tourist hotspot for all the hop on hop off buses and the Boston Duck Tours. These are an amphibious bus! They tour by land and then drive straight into the water. I wouldn’t recommend it though unless you are happy driving round the streets having to say “quack” all the time! Lol 🐥

After walking 22700 steps we went off to watch a baseball game at Fenway Park. One of Kevs little obsessions. Can’t say I enjoy them but it’s give and take in a relationship and he is always happy to reciprocate and tag along when it’s something I want to do. 

It was a good game and Boston Red Sox stormed to victory with loads of home runs. Baseball is a bit like rounders except it takes more time for them to hit the ball as they’re too busy swinging the bat around their heads! An expensive night out with small bottles of water costing $4.75 and a cup of lemonade costing $5..and then they want a tip! Pftt. The obligatory food is hot dogs,  peanuts (monkey nuts) and Crackerjack. (Toffee coated popcorn with nuts) you could easily spend  $100 a night whilst munching your way through the boredom of the game haha

On our second full day we went back into Downtown Boston to buy provisions for Iceland…gloves and hats! Primark have made it to Boston and it’s a lot nicer than the UK ones. The building on the left adorned with patriotic flags is Primark. The building hides the fact it’s clothes are cheap and won’t last very long. Good for cheap fashion clothing that diednt stay in fashion long enough before the clothes start to drop to bits. 

We had a quick Mexican salad bowl in Chipotle, sneakily filled our water bottles with diet coke from the soda fountain (oops),  and headed off to Boston Common to see the squirrels and listen to the local bums (street people) shouting out the weather forecast and the results of the previous nights football and baseball game, hoping to get some money from a kind tourist or even a local. 

The last day we decided to spend it locally, in Quincy. We walked around the coastline for a couple of hours and called for lunch at “Tonys Clam Shop” I didn’t dare try the clams after cooking the ones I’d foraged for in the lake in Savannah…..once was enough. A falafel wrap and an ice cold coke whilst watching the waves roll onto the golden sand was perfect. 

We headed back to pack our bags and make our way to the airport. We had a 4.5 hour flight to Iceland and would lose 3 hours with the time difference when we got there…it was going to be a long day tomorrow when we picked up our campervan to explore Iceland. 

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