All Hat No Cattle 

This is what the people from Fort Worth call the Dallasites or the Dallasonians (people from Dallas).  Or as I’d say champagne mouth, lemonade pockets! They act like they’re loaded but haven got 2 ha’penny’s to rub together. Lol

We were told by the couple we were planning on staying with that public transportation in Fort Worth was bad…they didn’t exaggerate. From the airport we had to get 2 buses to the train station then we were supposed to get a train to downtown then another bus to where we were staying….we gave up after 2 buses and got an Uber!

As there was now only two of us on the road trip we could cut costs by renting a room in someone’s house rather than renting the whole house. For £45 a night, for the two of us, this was going to be home for the next 4 nights

We dumped our bags and went out to explore, with the intention of having some lunch and getting the bus into Downtown. Lunch in the local cafe was amazing, chicken fried steak, creamy mashed potatoes, butter beans cooked with smoked bacon and fresh green spinach. The waitress took a liking to us and gave us corn bread, peach cobbler and some other type of roll to try. Bang goes the start of healthy eating!

Sat waiting at the bus stop on the bench I felt like Forest Gump with my bag at the side of me waiting for a bus that never turned up!  The buses that pass the end of our street stop running at 8.45am and start again at 1430 until 1830 so off we walked in the direction of Downtown hoping to stop one of the other buses on the way. An hour and a half later (after 2 buses passed us), covered in sweat, legs aching and in desperate need of a drink we reached Downtown! 

It was like a ghost town. There was hardly anyone about. The few we did notice were younger guys that walked like they’d crapped themselves, with their legs wide apart trying their best to keep their trousers up. I’ve no idea why they wear their trousers so low that you can see their full asses! Lol

Downtown didn’t have much to offer. A few shops and restaurants a lot of bbq places offering all you can eat for $12.99. This dieting idea was going to be hard to stick to 😂

We had a wonder around and found a water garden. It was lovely. I love hearing the sound of water and seeing the sun sparkle like diamonds on it, so this was great for me, an oasis in the centre of town.

This was called “calm water”

“Aereated Water”

Can’t remember what this was called but it was soothing watching the water gushing down into a pool at the bottom

We got the bus back and called in at a supermarket on the way to get some groceries so we could cook our dinners whilst here, then headed back to the airbnb. We spent $40 and this provided us with 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners. Much cheaper than eating out and we can’t afford to do that all the time when travelling for so long.

We stopped off in the “English pub” at the end of the street. Not very English and one of the locals thought it was funny to say we should have come last month when it was “kick the Brits to the kerb” (4th July Independence Day). Oh how we laughed….NOT 

The following day we went to visit the historic Stockyards. This was where the Wild West first started. It was like being on a western film set. All the shops were dark wooden clad, the men and women wore stetsons and the stores had signs on saying “no spurs to be worn and no fire arms allowed in the store”. 

We saw other signs for your property  saying “if you’re found here tonight, you’ll be found here in the morning” with a picture of a gun on it!  What happened to signs saying “alsatian lives here” haha

We called in at a local eatery for lunch and had to try the huge burgers…with salad of course! Most Americans drink iced tea, but we’d never tried it. Kev asked the waitress if we could sample some. She couldn’t get her head around the idea that we were British and hadn’t tried iced tea. “Surely all Brits drink tea?”  Not these two. She gave us sweet and unsweetened. I don’t know what we expected but it wasn’t that. Vile dark black tea with ice cubes in. Ugh. The waitress laughed and said that she’d heard that we drank hot tea with MILK in…”now that’s disgusting” she said. In all the eating places in the states you pay for one soda (pop) and the rest are free. You can even fill up your cup to take with you, and they’ll put your drink in a polystyrene cup “to go”. So being a thrifty Yorkshire person I buy one cup of soda, share it with Kev, and get free refills. Sorted! 😁

We ventured over to Billy Bob’s (pronounced Bally Borbs by the locals) to see what all the fuss was about. Everyone said we should visit it before we leave town. It was about 2.30 when we got there so it was dead but we could see it had the promise of a really good night out. It offered line dancing, bull fights, shows, honky tonk was HUGE. It must have held over 2000 people in there. Kev did a little dance on the dance floor which started off as a line dance, and ending up like Saturday Night Fever!! The video was posted seperately on facebook lol

With the idiot at the side of me thinking he was the next John Travolta, and singing achey break heart, we set off back home to cook dinner. Montreal chicken, rice and salad with a cilantro (corriander) dressing finished the day off nicely. After walking 12 miles that day we headed off to bed, shattered with full bellys.

The next day, feeling refreshed,  we headed to Dallas. We bought an all day travel pass for $10  which got us on buses, trains and trams. Bargain.  Dallas is a metropolis of high rise buildings housing many businesses, mixed with different restaurants.  The skyline is lovely with mirrored buildings of different shapes but it doesn’t have much else to offer.

The one thing that did stand out for us was the Book Depository, which is now home to the JFK museum on the 6th floor. This was really interesting and would highly recommend it if you’re ever in Dallas.

There are quite a lot of 7/11 shops in Dallas, and all over the U.S., which opens from 7am until 11pm, hence the name, and sells food and drinks. In Dallas all the beggars, bums (tramps) and druggies hung outside these asking for change. It got to the point where we’d cross the road to avoid the hassle. This spoilt Dallas for me. We even got followed by one drugged up women as we refused to give her money. She soon disappeared when we walked in the direction of a policeman!

With the heat searing down on us, our feet aching again with pounding the pavements, we headed back to the train station to get the train to Fort Worth and then the bus back to our home.

Nice view from the station

On our last day (today) in Texas we thought we’d visit Irving, which was en route to Dallas. We got off the train and jumped on the 507 bus that said “Downtown Irving” on its LED lights. Now after being on the bus an hour, looking out into the bleakness of Las Colinas, and  with no sign of Downtown we asked the driver if he actually went there. By this time we were the only people left on the 12 seater bus! “Oh so that’s where y”all wanted to go?” He replied…”well yes as that’s what it said on your bus” he continued to tell us that his bus route was a combo one. It starts off as the 507, then changes to the 510 then the 500, so we were now on the latter part of his route and he wasn’t going to downtown anyway. …apparently we should have got off earlier and transferred to another bus….like we were to know that!!?  We got off the bus and got on another one heading back to the station. By this time we had lost the will to live, couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live in Irving and definitely didn’t want to see anymore of it.  We headed back in to see if Dallas had anything more to offer. It didn’t! Haha

 We went on a free trolley ride around other parts of the city then got on the train and another bus to go to the AT&T stadium to watch the Dallas Cowboys play a friendly against Houston. 

They have “tailgate parties” in the car park of the stadium where folk pitch up their gazebo, get the bbq out and drink some Ice cold beers before the game starts.

The stadium was impressive, the tv was huge, the food and drink was expensive  ($5 for a small bottle of water) but Kev was happy that he’d seen the stadium, so I was happy. I don’t enjoy the football but love people watching in the crowd. We’ve been to many stadiums in the world to watch football but Kev said this was the best so far. The tv screen was massive which was a good thing as we were sat up with the gods. Lol

The band arrived as we were walking in and it was really loud and the crowd loved it. They need to learn some songs to sing  like European footall fans do though. If it wasn’t for the loud music on it would be quite flat, atmosphere wise.

This video doesn’t exist
We left before the end as we knew we’d struggle to get home otherwise and we have an early flight tomorrow to our next destination…..Arizona. We fly into Phoenix, pick up a car and the next adventure begins……CAMPING in the woods which are inhabited with brown and grizzly bears! 

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  1. After leaving Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon we drove south to Phoenix spent one night there. All I remember is that it was baking hot, with deserted streets.
    Enjoying the blog, so jealous… xx

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