Welcome to Miami 

After dropping the motorhome off in Washington we took a 2.5 hour flight to Miami. We arrived at the condo late at night,  so when the taxi driver pulled up outside a posh apartment block we asked if he’d got the correct address! Oh dear better warn the locals that the “clampits” had arrived. We couldn’t hang our laundry out on the balcony here…or could we?

The apartment was large with a balcony overlooking North Bay Miami. The red leather chaise long became Carol’s place to greet the early sunrise and watch it go down on an evening. Sitting on a leather sofa in my pj’s in the stifling heat wasn’t fun when your legs stick to the leather 😣

The next morning the two families split. Kev and myself have been to Miami previously so we didn’t need to do a lot of the things that Carol and Jeff would probably do. After driving in the motorhome for 12 days,  and being in the wilderness,  we were ready to chill on a beach for a while. 

We decided to have a walk over the bridge that overlooked the bay near our apartment. The sea was a gorgeous shade of green and whilst staring at the sun glistening on the water I noticed something large near the surface. It turned our to be a huge turtle. Swimming towards the bridge. I couldn’t get a photo of it before it dived towards the sea bed again.

Sunny Isles Beach was just across the road and we were greeted with white sands and a deep blue sea that was as still as a pond and unfortunately nearly as warm as a bath! 

We swam, read and sunbathed for 2 hours then we were bored. It seemed weird being on a beach and no one trying to sell you anything like they do in Asia or Europe. Normally we are telling people to leave us alone, we don’t want to buy melons, pineapple,  water, beer, swim suits,  watches etc. On this hot day with the sea calm,  due to no breeze, and the temperature being 95 degrees we would have happily bought an ice cold bottle of water or beer. 

Sunny Isles is a place where the locals go to the beach so it was quiet and pretty empty, unlike South Beach which is full of young girls in scantily clad bikinis and the guys flexing their muscles, not a place for 2 over weight middle aged people lol.

Off we went to explore North Beach. We’d only walked a few blocks when we bumped into our buddies. We all walked alongside the seafront which in some parts was partially blocked by large bushes and trees. We soon found out why,  when we glanced in between some of the gaps and there was a large middle aged man with not a stitch on! Carol became all flustered when she clapped eyes on a guy with his “dingle dangle”  dangling around..lol Haha it was a nudist beach. How anyone can enjoy getting their bits burnt is beyond me. Ouch. 😮 

 It was that hot that even pet owners were carrying their dogs over the roads rather than them burn their paws.

We walked down to Bal Harbour, which is quite an affluent area and had some nice designer shops, that we didn’t go in, being from Yorkshire. haha. We walked along the seafront watching the men fishing and the large herons waiting patiently to pinch any fish that they caught.  Quite cute in an ugly way…The bird is too.haha 

We sat here chilling and enjoying the breeze off the sea. As we got up to go Kev dropped his Go Pro into the sea, and it didn’t have its waterproof cover on! The air was as blue as the sky as he couldn’t get it working again. 

Miami is a place I never get sick of seeing and would definitely come back again. You can’t beat seeing palm trees against the blue skies, and the sun shining on the water, which is all over Miami, in harbours, bays, rivers. There’s plenty of shopping, some really good restaurants and you can spend lazy days on the beach, watch the manatees close to the shore or visit downtown and get a ride on the free trolleys to Coral Gables or Coconut Grove. 

Bayside near downtown is a lovely area to people watch or take a boat ride to see the millionaire’s homes on Star Island.  Stars such as David Beckham, Antonio Banderras, Shakira,  P Diddy all have seafront homes in Miami and the most expensive house that has been “erected” is that of the inventor of Viagra. Haha. In 2011 the cheapest plot that sold on the island was a plot of land and it went for 6 million dollars!! 

On our 3rd day in Miami we picked up a car. Not just any car, an all singing all dancing Chrysler Town and Country. It had electric opening and closing side doors, boot (trunk) tv screens, USB charging points in the front and back, built in reversing camera, sat nav..it was amazing. All for £285. Well impressed!

After driving a while we realised that a new law must have been passed in Amercia for drivers. …you could text and drive at the same time! The amount of drivers we saw on facebook and texting whilst driving was about 50%. Also the amount of accidents we saw was horrendous. They drive like bloody idiots. They undertake and overtake. They dash in and out between cars and obviously there are LOADS of accidents

We were listening to the radio in the car one day and there was a talk show on. One guy said he wanted to pay his mortgage off earlier so he could give more money to the church!! Wtf??

So our first destination in the car was to the Florida Keys. We booked a snorkelling trip. None of the Crangles had done a sea snorkelling trip before. It was going to be fun. We boarded our boat in Key Islamorada,  and set off into the ocean to see what marine life we could spot

Carol hadn’t been snorkelling before and it took her a while to get the hang of not breathing through her nose. She kept choking on sea water that was getting into her mask, she soon got sorted and our first fish we saw was a bloody shark just below us!!

On our 2nd stop we saw loads of different fish but there was also loads of jelly fish! When Carol said she’d been stung I thought “bugger this” and got out. There were a few people scuba diving on our boat but they obviously didn’t get bothered by the jelly fish. 

Poor Joe was suffering with sea sick on the boat and couldn’t face getting into the water again. An American guy was also feeling ill and suddenly started being sick in the sea. It was hilarious. He was being violently ill but had a good sense of humour. He was saying he was giving the fish some “chum”. They were swimming  round eating it, and as there was a large group of fish this attracted the divers…so the divers were watching the fish eating the poor guys breakfast he’d just parted with! 😂

On the way back from Key Islamorada we stopped in at a harbour just to see what fish we could see. Oh wow. We were treated to seeing HUGE 70lb Tarpons really close to the shore and also a manateee!! A guy on the boardwalk was throwing in fish carcasses and the next thing a 250lb shark came swimming up to the shore!

We headed off to get dinner and found “Hogs Heaven” it was the type of bar you could imagine all the locals going to and finishing the night off with a fight and breaking pool cues over someone’s head. Haha.The food was amazing, as was the place and the scenery was even better. As we were at the keys it would be rude not to try the Key Lime Pie.   Yum

The next stop was at Key Largo to get a quick photo shot of the sun setting on the sea..it was stunning

A perfect ebd to a brilliant day. Next stop a villa in Kissimee, Florida

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  1. We flew out from Miami and must say the beaches looked very inviting! We reckon travelling the US with you guys would be a right laugh! Any Sea Container venues?? X SandS

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