A Road Trip in the RV

This was the part of the trip I’d been looking forward to the most. As you’ll know our house is up for sale and we are planning on travelling and living in a motorhome.  With this in mind the rental of the Cruise America rv would be the first time we’ve ever slept or even travelled in a motorhome! Let’s hope we enjoy it. Haha

Arriving at the centre we watched a 30 minute orientation video about the motorhome and was handed the keys to our home for the next 12 nights.

First stop was Walmart to stock up with the essentials…beer, food, beer, bed linen and beer,  oh and chips (crisps to us Brits) to go with the beer. 

The route was planned ahead of our trip so we set off for Front Royal, which is the gateway to the Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (We never did find the lonesome pine).

 This was where we stopped for our lunch on the first day. All excited for the next 12 days of travelling through Virginia, Georgia and North & South Carolina.

Although the skyline is only 106 miles long, because of the stops along the way and a speed limit of 35mph it is recommended to allow a full day for this particular part of the journey. 

After an early breakfast we departed at 9am to the tune of “in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia” to do what is called “one of the most scenic drives in America”.  As the name suggests, the Skyline Drive runs along the top of the mountains looking down into the Shenandoah Valley with lots of vista points along the way to take photos. Unfortunately for us it was a really cloudy day so the photo shots weren’t that scenic in some places

The highlight of the  drive was seeing a black bear run out on the road in front of us

Finally arriving at our rv site for the night, in a little place called Staunton, we were allocated a great plot by the side of a lake. We bought firewood, loaded our firepit and proceeded to bbq some burgers; chicken and sausages  followed by toasted marshmallows,  all washed down with ice cold beer. ….a perfect end to the day. 

The following day we had a drive to Staunton which didn’t have much to offer really so we headed off to Charlottesville. This was much nicer. Carol, Jeff and Joe had lunch in a restaurant on the main street whilst me and Kev found a little old fashioned American diner to eat in. 

After a stroll around the streets we headed back to the rv and drove back to the campground. The Crangles  (Carol, Jeff and Joe) went for a dip in the pool whilst me and Kev went for a walk looking for deer. We weren’t disappointed….

As soon as we’d spotted them they already had their eyes on us and trotted off into the safety of the trees,  checking to see if we had gone or not. . (I can see youuuu!)

The following day,  with blue skies and the relentless heat, we set off  back on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see an old farm museum. We were again treated to the site of a deer eating apples that had fallen off a nearby tree. We ventured on taking in the sites of the mountains until we got to our next stop “The Natural Bridge” I wasn’t particularly bothered about seeing it, and when I found out they were charging $20 for the privilege of seeing a natural sight……pfft. Anyway I handed over the ransom money and set off to see this”thing of beauty”. Oh wow! I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was stunning

When the bear ran out in the road Carol never got to see it. Near the natural bridge she was treated to an up close and personal view of  a bear though which made her day, as you can see from the photo. …easily pleased lol

Singing “Take Me Home Country Roads” in homage to our journey and in rememberance of Carol’s dad, who used to croon this song in his hey day, we carried on our road trip through West Virginia.  Kev said he wanted to have lunch in typical diner with red leather seats and a waitress in a pink uniform to serve us. Not fussy then eh? 

We pulled into a “one horse town”called Buchanan and set off looking for somewhere to have lunch.  Before long we came upon a store that was part pharmacy,  general store and diner!   Well Mr Fussy pants had just got his wish granted…. a burger and fries washed down with a refillable soda was just what we needed.  As we thanked our waitress we were wished “have a nice day y’all” and we set off back on the road to our next port of call. …Fancy Gap.

The scenery along the roads is breathtaking and makes for easy driving

 Tempers do get a little frayed when we’re driving,  especially when the drivers blame the sat nav for taking the wrong road! On this occasion Kev missed a turning and decided to carry on and see where the road would take us. …up a bloody mountain with the rv “screaming” as it climbed further up! We had to stop the traffic in the road so Kev could do 30 point turn, to turn our 27ft motorhome round,   and head back down again.. ( and breath phew).
At around 9pm we got to our campsite where a few cold beers were in order to chill out and relax. What would await us tomorrow. ..

2 thoughts on “A Road Trip in the RV

  1. Great start to your roadtrip! The US sounds like a great place to do such a trip and with all the diners to stop in and get your fill it sounds pretty easy as well. X SandS

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