Washington D.C.

Washington was just a tick off place, to say we had seen the White House. Well that was all it was…a house that was white! To say it houses the leader of their country it’s not impressive.  The city lacks any character or impressive architectural buildings. 

We stayed in an airbnb in Hyatsville, just out of the centre. A quaint little house that was stuffed with goodies bought for us to eat. Yum. Obviously it was rude to leave them so everyday I took snacks out with us.

The cost to stay in this house. .. £11 a night each! It did come with downfalls…the owner lived in it also. 

Donna was very accommodating, she collected us from the bus station and took us to collect our motorhome when we left  (which was an hours drive away). The down side…she was very opinionated,  political and had something negative to say about everything we wanted to do and see! Anyone who knows me, will.know I find it hard to bite my tongue. In this case I did. I just made my excuses and walked away when she rattled on about Trump and how crap the space centre was..
Washington was very hot and extremely humid. We walked over 25000 steps a day viewing the “sights”.   My friend Carol is fussy when it comes to food and wouldn’t DREAM of eating street food.  We soon changed her ways. Haha she tried a falafel wrap from a street vendor and sat and ate it on the grass near the Washington Monument. She still had to use the antibacterial hand wash before and after eating it though.😂

The monument itself is an impressive sight but up close and personal is not so. We tried reading up on it and it said the bricks are two different colours as they ran out of the original ones and didn’t say a right lot more about it. 

The city holds some lovely water features, fountains, pools of reflectivity etc and to see the sun shining in them is a lovely sight. I just wanted to stand in them and cool down. The humidity is worse than the heat. It’s not a pretty sight walking around sweating all day

2 days in Washington was probably one day too long. You can see the sights in a day. On the second day we attempted to walk to George Town but the heat and humidity got the better of us and after walking for over 4 hours we headed back to the subway to go for a bbq at carols friend’s house in Shady Grove. 

The most impressive sight I saw was this little creature who was jumping in the long grass and oblivious to everyone watching him. I showed the photo to a few locals and they’d never seen an albino squirrel before. Was this to be our good luck for spotting wildlife for our next stop in the motorhome?  Let’s hope so

2 thoughts on “Washington D.C.

  1. Great little read about the worlds “most powerful capital city” not rising to your standards. I suppose the phallic symbols around the city are an attempt to let the big dicks know they ain’t that big! XX SandS

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