Fun in Philly 

The second stop on our trip. I’d forgotten how nice Philadelphia is. The old historic town is full of quaint tree lined streets, with picturesque houses and little coffee shops on most corners.  

Adjacent to this is the hustle and bustle of Centre City with its streets bursting with shops along side huge modern  skyscrapers mixed with some very old buildings. They have got the mix just right. We’ve only spent a couple of days here but have seen what there is to see and do, having walked over 35000 steps!

The first night Kev and Joe went off to watch baseball whilst me, Carol and Jeff found a free Bud Light party in the town. We had a few beers and danced into the night. What a brilliant night. Danced and sung in the streets with the locals before heading back to our rented apartment.

The sun was beating down on us the next morning as we made our way to the Art Museum to see where Sylvestre Stalone ran up the stairs in Rocky. 

We stopped off at a fountain to cool down first. It was lovely to see the children enjoying playing in the water.

Kev, Jeff and Jo ran up them with Kev just getting to the top first. He was pleased with this, being the eldest of the 3!  

We had lunch in the food market. Omg there was soo much choice! We settled for a reuben sandwich and some New York vanilla cheesecake. The Americans certainly know how to do sarnis…it was about 3 inch thick

We finished the day off with a shopping trip to Macys to get some designer bargains. Well it would be rude not to.
we get the megabus to Washington dc tomorrow 

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