Full Time Travellers


For years me (Tina) and my hubby, Kev, have loved travelling.  We enjoy visiting different countries, experiencing new cultures/food etc.

So far we have visited 42 countries.  We always get asked which we liked the most, but each country, city has something magical about it, so it’s hard to choose.  Places that stuck in our memory are Alaska (dog sledding on a glacier, watching bears fishing for Salmon in the rivers), Kenya (safari), Vietnam, Northern Italy, Mexico….the list goes on.

Being from Yorkshire we like a bargain,  so our trips are always done as cheaply as possible. Although we are tourists, we don’t like staying in tourist areas for too long.  We don’t do the “beach/pool” holidays, we like to stay in local houses (airbnb), use public transport, eat street food and basically live like a local. Our travelling mantra is “Don’t be a Gringo…be a local”.  We always try to speak a bit of the local language, although Kev is willing to try, his version always sounds very Yorkshire!

So after our travels went from 1 week to 10 days, we then thought we’d try travelling for 3 weeks.  The longer you travel the more you want to. We ended up having “holidays” for 6 weeks at a time.  We’d come back and work for a couple of month and then go off again.  This was helped by me having an very understanding boss, and Kev having an understanding business partner.

After being away for 6 weeks you would think we would be glad to be home….no we just wanted to plan our next venture.  We would do 6 to 8 weeks away then a month at home then off again.

Our wanderlust took over and we decided to put our house on the market, pack in work and travel for as long and as far as we can until the  money runs out.

In February 2017, we sold the house, bought  a motorhome to live and travel in and plan to see as much of the UK as possible in it. We will venture over into Europe in her and also tag on some.long haul travels (but not in the moho)

Life is too short, there are only so many tomorrows.  When we leave this earth we plan on having no regrets.We will live our dreams and tick things off our bucket list.

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2 thoughts on “Full Time Travellers

  1. You forgot to mention meeting new friends along the way . 10 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely couple in Kenya and are still friends today. Happy travelling .


  2. Andy & I want to wish you all the luck in your new way of life, we will follow your blog- pass on relevant tips & hopefully pick up new ones from you guys. Be safe & have fun…..


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